Monday, January 31, 2005

Vegas Mayor Gets Ultimatum, Re Wayward Topless Bar

Now that Lois Tarkanian - the wife of legendary former UNLV basketball coach Jerry - has prevailed in a special recall election for the Ward 1 seat on the Las Vegas City Council, we wonder whether a dent will be put in the political protections that have here-to-fore been afforded the Crazy Horse II 'Gentlemen's Club', an enterprise located in her district.

A 'demand' letter, just sent to Mayor Oscar Goodman by Buffalo Jim Barrier, provides a suitable summary of the evil occurrences at this topless bar, incidents that local politicians and authorities have perpetuated via their lack of action. Below is Jim's message:

BUFFALO JIM'S Auto and Marine Repair

2480 Industrial Rd.,

Las Vegas, NV 89102


Re: Revocation of Crazy Horse Too liquor license

January 25, 2005

Mayor Goodman:

As a thirty-five year citizen of Las Vegas, I have the right to demand that you as the Mayor of my city and as a public servant immediately begin proceedings to close the bloody Crazy Horse Too topless bar.

"There is a common theme here," police spokesman Sgt. Chris Jones said while looking over allegations lodged against club employees in police reports. "That people are beaten up for not paying a tab or paying for a lap dance." LV Review-Journal, 01/23/05 As Mayor, you have proven you have the authority to close troublesome businesses; e.g., the closing of Treasures and the sanctioning of Cheetah's (coincidently, both competitors of the Crazy Horse Too).

I've been in the auto repair business at the same location since 1976, but since Rick Rizzolo opened his bar next door in 1984, my business and customers have been subjected to repeated harassment caused by the dangerous and illegal actions of his management and employees. These actions include: littering of my parking area with drug paraphernalia and used condoms; blood splattered on the wall of my business; bullet holes through my garage doors; littering of blood soaked clothing; two instances of dead bodies found; numerous instances of unconscious men laying in the parking area; strippers performing sexual acts in vehicles parked adjacent to my business which have been observed by the children of my patrons and by my pre-teenage daughter; drug sales occurring in my parking lot; the blocking of Fire Lanes adjacent to my business by valet parked cars in evening hours; threats and obscenities directed to me, my customers, employees, and my family members by Crazy Horse management and employees; illegal towing of my customer's cars; deliberate damage caused to my personal property and premises and my customer's vehicles; frequent occurrences of police, FBI, and ambulance vehicles blocking the entrance to my business; numerous instances of violence between bar patrons and employees occurring in front of my business; the constant use of handicapped parking spaces by strippers thereby denying my customers their use; loitering of strippers in front of my business; drugged, intoxicated, or beaten bar patrons entering my business to ask for help; intoxicated drivers colliding with vehicles parked near my business including those owned by my customers; Crazy Horse dancers soliciting prostitution from customers and employees outside my business. My customers, many from out of state, include families with children who are exposed to the above. Some have become involved in trying to assist Crazy Horse patrons who have been beaten, robbed, or are intoxicated.

These events have adversely impacted my business, discouraged my employees and customers, and have brought great shame upon our city. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! Please do not make light of my demand as you have of others in the past. If you do, I will hold you personally and legally responsible for allowing the bloodshed to continue, and for damage done to my business.

You could have stopped this disgrace long ago, but did nothing. Now it's become necessary for the FBI and IRS to do your job for you. A liquor license revocation is a civil matter and has nothing to do with the ongoing Federal criminal investigation. You can schedule a license revocation hearing without interfering with any current Federal prosecution -- but of course that might offend your old clientele.

Mayor Goodman, put your friendships aside and close this toilet before anyone else is robbed, maimed, or killed.


Buffalo Jim Barrier

cc: FBI - Agent in Charge Robert Clymer, Sheriff Young, Undersheriff Gillespie, DEA -Agent in Charge; Las Vegas Fire Chief David Washington, Nevada Department of Transportation, Stop DUI, all news media

States Backing Bush Pay Less at Pump

There appears to be a significant difference between the 'Blue' states - those that voted for John Kerry in the November 2004 elections - and the 'Red' states - those opting for George Bush - in terms of retail gasoline prices.

In late October, a little over a week before the 2004 presidential election ended, American Automobile Association figures showed the cost for a gallon of unleaded, self-serve regular averaged $1.99 in the 31 states that ended up in George Bush's corner. It came in 9 cents higher at $2.08 in the remaining states - plus the District of Columbia - that went for Kerry.

This appears to be a trend, if only in recent times. Data for early February of 2002 shows the Bush states enjoyed a mean price of $1.12, while those for Kerry came in at $1.19. In late February of 2001, the average was a bit over $1.44 in the Bush domains verses slightly beyond $1.52 in Kerry's.

Why these differences? One factor is undoubtedly the tax load. Those in the political entities taken by Kerry dole out nearly 5 extra cents in tariffs, an average of 26 cents, while those in the areas favoring Bush are render a toll slightly exceeding 21 cents.

Another interesting inclination: The basic difference between the states was even more pronounced the more they favored one candidate or the other. Near the election, CNN's Charlie Cook deemed 18 states as solidly Bush. They meaned out at $1.97 per gallon, which included a 20 cent tax. People in the 10 states judged to be unquestionably for Kerry were putting out an average of $2.13 for gasoline at that time, with almost 28 cents of that amount going directly to the government.

After taxes, we're at a loss to intelligently assert additional reasons for this contrast. In general, we think that it somehow is based upon variations in political cultures, influenced by the larger urban nature of the Kerry states, compared to those that favored Bush.

Are Kerry Country costs due to more heavily regulated and thus higher cost environments? Is anyone willing to offer a more definite delineation for these discrepancies?

The table down the page shows gasoline prices and tax amounts by state, distinguished by presidential preference.