Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Saving Money, Saving Lives?

When I read the headline 'Study blames diesel exhaust for deaths' among the top news items on my Yahoo home page last night, it was with more than a casual interest that I clicked on the story. The basis of the article was research released by the Clean Air Task Force, entitled 'Diesel in and Health in America: The Lingering Threat' .

You see, it was the middle of 2004 that I decided to become involved in the marketing of a fuel catalyst known as EnviroMaxPlus, otherwise known by the short hand acronym 'EMP'. That is the reason for all of the attention that I've been paying to energy issues in recent months, and frankly, what is behind my intention to point much of this blog's content in that direction.

EMP's marquee claim is to significantly increase fuel mileage, to the point that savings come back well exceeding its cost. Secondarily, EMP's ability to reduce emissions is touted, the standard benefit statement being that pollutants through the exhaust are reduced by up to 80 percent.

Contemplating the lowering of pollution on a more or less ethereal plane is one thing. But getting a sense of what the difference could be in terms of saving human lives is quite another. And that is the revelation I gained when I got to the article that was referenced in the above AP story. The Clean Air Task Force research estimates that, ”Reducing diesel fine particle emissions 50 percent by 2010, 75 percent by 2015, and 85 percent by 2020 would save nearly 100,000 lives between now and 2030.”

Within the desired free market context, EMP may well be THE most expeditious way available to progress towards this end. Look at some of the studies done with EMP, and you'll find that particulate matter in diesel engines has been lowered by as much as 60 percent. On top of this, with EMP, there is no need to retrofit engines, no need to require massive modifications of fuels, and no need to impose additional regulations.

The bigger – and better – picture is that, right now, you and I can participate in making the world a cleaner place by simply USING THE PRODUCT. Think of it as your charitable contribution if you want, but the chances are that your increased fuel mileage alone will make the EMP's small price an outstanding investment. Add it to any engine that you own. It works not only with diesel and gasoline, but with virtually every motor that requires a hydrocarbon based fuel.

And here's one big plus: EnviroMaxPlus is set up to be marketed by referral, so this is an opportunity that anyone so motivated can take advantage of. If you feel the spirit, spread the word and stand to be well compensated for doing so.

What's more, in this case, the market is wide open. Provisions are in place to not only turn on other individuals to the product but to sell large quantities on the commercial level as well.

Saving, if not making money, while helping to save lives? That's a pretty rare combination. It has been my experience that opportunities to do so well so directly on an individual basis while positively impacting the world don't come around all that often. EnviroMaxPlus presents one of those singular and auspicious occasions.


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