Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Vegas Mayor Bails on Boob Bar Revocation Request

Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman copped the plea again. According to Steve Miller, Goodman reiterated the 'no revocation if federal investigation' mantra as the reason for doing nothing to interfere with the continued operation of the Crazy Horse II Gentlemen's Club. The lame excuse was given during a meeting held yesterday (Feb. 7, 2005) that had been requested by Buffalo Jim Barrier. As I documented earlier, Buffalo Jim sent Goodman a letter two weeks ago on January 25th, in which he demanded action against this troublesome business that, over the years, has required police responses in far greater numbers than similar establishments.

Steve, a former city councilman and long time citizen activist - he should be called 'the conscience of Las Vegas' in my view - summarizes the slough off in this manner:

As predicted, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman today presented Buffalo Jim Barrier with several "Happiest Mayor in the Universe" tattoos and casino chips, a miniature bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin and a bobblehead doll, but refused to schedule a license revocation hearing against his former clients at the blood soaked Crazy Horse Too.

According to Barrier, the Mayor repeated that he could not schedule such a hearing while a federal investigation is underway. (Goodman conducted a license revocation hearing on Crazy Horse competitor Cheetahs while a federal investigation was underway.)

During the thirty minute meeting at City Hall, Barrier said Goodman told him that his subordinate, city director of business licensing Jim DiFiore, would have to place the license revocation item on the Council agenda. (DiFiore who works at the pleasure of the Mayor and Council was instrumental in closing Treasures, another Crazy Horse competitor.)

In the meantime, the bloodshed continues at the Crazy Horse Too.

An auto shop owner for over a quarter of a century, a former pro wrestler and always a promoter, he has been forced to put up with this dangerous nuisance for years. Well, the mayor slipped out of the ring this time. But don't be surprised if BJ's comeback this time has all the impact of a Hulk Hogan body slam.


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