Friday, February 04, 2005

Wrongly Convicted Vegan's Crusade Continues

Frank Vipperman and I go back about four years, when he invested in a Las Vegas newspaper which I had also supported financially. Idealistically, we both then believed that this publication would always stand for ‘Truth, Justice and the American Way’. Now, beyond disappointment and anger, we share the loss of time and money, as we eventually discovered the actual agenda of the one who enticed us in to be distant from ours. Ultimately, these circumstances may well turn around, but that’s a story for another time.

For Frank, his involvement with the newspaper was an extension of a 32 year crusade to shine the light on hard learned truths about the criminal justice system, from the point of view of one who was singled out, tried and imprisoned, wrongly convicted for the high crime of murder.

Frank spent fourteen long years in prison before successfully intimidating the parole system and thereby gaining his release. He classically exemplifies the power of unabridged intellect, motivation and dedication, and any self respecting attorney should envy Frank's accomplishments in the legal arena. Saddled with only a sixth grade education, Frank spent his time in prison educating himself about the law, and became a 'jailhouse lawyer' in the very best sense of the word. Not only did he aid his own cause, he assisted numerous other inmates with their cases. His self taught skills have rightfully struck fear in the hearts of many in positions of authority, while dealing a dose of just desserts to some of them.

Looking at the flaws in the judicial system that terrorize freedom to its very core, those who appreciate the content of ‘Actual Innocenceshould relish Vipperman’s works in contrast. While this worthy work of Barry Scheck and others does well in summarizing a litany of cases about guiltless victims who narrowly escaped state sponsored executions, Frank comes from a different perspective.

On a deeply individual level, he offers extensive details of the insults that he endured, introducing the surrounding characters and circumstances. These tales exist within four books, set against the backdrop of a seedy, officially sanctioned underside that is invisible to most, given the distracting glitter of the 'Entertainment Capital of theWorld', Las Vegas, Nevada.

His first three titles include 'The Deal Makers', 'The Cesspool' and 'TheHell Hole', all of which are promoted on Frank's website. Information about his most recent fourth book, 'Brainwashed' is available on this web page.

Though he has been hampered by health issues recently, Frank continues to hammer away - several more books are in the works - at what has become a lifelong mission: To shake people out of the ignorant bliss that all too often pervades our perceptions of the justice system within the United States.

Because, as has happened to him, at the rate things are going, it's all too likely that you, me, a loved one, a friend or a colleague will also stand accused of some kind of crime, only to be immersed in a process that has been turned upside down. Based upon an Associated Press report of late July, 2004, by now, the U.S.should have exceeded 7 million persons who are either in jail, inprison, on probation or on parole. As the article states, “Put another way, about 3.2 percent of the adult U.S. population, or 1 in32 adults, were incarcerated, or on probation or parole at the end oflast year.” And, although the pace may have slowed a bit, it hasn't stopped growing.

Even the unconvinced must wonder: Does our society REALLY have THAT much of a criminal element? Or has something run terribly amok?

It is with pride that I claim Frank Vipperman as a friend and associate, one who has dedicated his life to take on an ugly issue that most - at their peril - would rather ignore. If you have the gumption to expose yourself to a damning, disquieting and detailed case study, related first hand, I encourage you to take note of and learn from his compositions.


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