Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Tyranny Protection Act: More on SB 150 - Part II

Further case citations, applicable to this bill:

1. There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of his exercise of constitutional rights, Sherar v. Cullen, 481 F.2d 946 (1973). Free speech is a right, and not a privilege. Privileges may be revoked; inviolable rights may not and shall not.

2. No man in this country is so high that he is above the law. No officer of the law may set that law at defiance with impunity. All the officers of the government from the highest to the lowest, are creatures of the law, and are bound to obey, Butz v. Economou, 98 S.Ct. 2894 (1978); U.S. v. Lee, 106 U.S. at 220, 1 S.Ct. at 261 (1982). Police must suffer scrutiny as they can, in their capacity, wreak so much havoc upon citizens. All laws that apply to any citizens apply equally to police officers.

Further issues:

1. Remedy exists already in the civil arena. Surely the police trust the courts they routinely work in to mete out justice.

2. The courts are already bogged down, and the prisons too, and the police are asking for more police. All of those governmental entities want more taxpayer dollars to grow larger. Do we really need to add a new type of crime to the roster, which will costs citizens even more money to delete down the road as unconstitutional?

Recent LV Review Journal articles say a lot... Chief justice seeks help on caseloads, (Review-Journal 3-3-05), and Law-and-order bills add to state’s prison crunch (Review-Journal, 2-14-05) and Caseloads put judges in real bind, (Review-Journal 2-14-05).

Even the American Bar Association has admitted that the Justice System is broken, and that with soaring prison populations, the U.S. must seek alternatives. According to the Department of Justice, corruption probes are on the rise and the number of public officials indicted is rising at a dizzying pace.

The FBI itself is under investigation by the Department of Justice. The Justice Department, even as we speak, is examining the local police with regard to excessive force charges. Government needs to act responsibly and responsively now.

3. The Las Vegas police are already under investigation for policy brutality by the Department of Justice. They cost millions of dollars in lawsuit settlements every year, of which the taxpayer has to assume burden. Even if SB 150 was constitutionally sound, it makes no sense to give more rights and privileges to a governmental entity that is struggling with its lawfully mandated duties as it is.

4. DNA Exonerations illustrate clearly #3. All false convictions start with police error. The police must remain under the strictest of scrutiny, and citizens must feel free to report police misconduct.

Be wary, be cautious, for throughout history whenever a tyrant first appears he always comes as your protector. The comment was made during a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters at their annual convention, by JACK VALENTI, Chairman & CEO, Motion Picture Association, in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 23, 2001. He’s 100% correct.

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