Thursday, March 03, 2005

Vegas Closed Case Mysteriously Reopens; Two Judges Recuse

Previously, I reported the weird dismissal of a law suit in Las Vegas in which I have more than a passing interest. You can locate my original post by clicking here.

The case, in which Rolando Larraz, Las Vegas Tribune part owner, editor and obsequious suck up to gin swigging mayor Oscar Goodman, is essentially being charged with defrauding an investor in the newspaper, has been reopened. The revival of this action transpired in a manner as incomprehensible asits closing, given the information now available to me.

But the plaintiff, Frank Vipperman, credits this outcome to the invaluable assistance of a woman by the name of Juli Alexander. Ms. Alexander has been assisting Frank with the suit, which, out of financial necessity, he has been forced to file on his own. With Frank's recent health problems complicating matters, he has not been able to handle all of the necessary legwork, which she has been kind enough to perform in his stead.

My review of Clark County Nevada District Court records not previously available on the web show that the first judge assigned to the case, Jackie Glass, recused on January 24, 2005, with the following notation inserted: “Court stated it knows Mr. Larraz and to avoid the appearance of impropriety and implied bias, this Court hereby disqualifies itself and ORDERS, this matter be REASSIGNED at random. COURT FURTHER ORDERED, future dates VACATED.”

The suit was reassigned to Judge Jessie Walsh on the same day. On February 3, the record reveals, without explanation, “Case Closed Per Department”. Then, on February 18, once more lacking any clarification, the case was reopened. Finally, on February 22, Judge Walsh backed off. Her reason was worded exactly as is was for Judge Glass. Now, the case has been assigned to Judge Sally Loehrer. Let's see how well this justice'knows' Mr. Larraz.

Given the strange and mysterious ways in which courts seem to act, especially those in Las Vegas, you can bet I'll be keeping my eye on this one. It will be telling to see to whether connections or justice prevail in this situation.

An aside about Ms. Alexander is in order. She's deeply involved with the organization Redress,Inc., which describes itself as “a forward thinking 501c3 nonprofit corporation formed to serve people traumatized by the American Justice System, and by corruption or incompetence by those
in positions of authority.” The organization seeks to rectify wrongs done within the court system, in law enforcement and within government funded programs. The Redress web site could stand a
makeover – who am I to talk – but it's well worth a visit, as it's packed with information and references, and is a great resource regarding an area that we all should be aware of and
concerned about.

Frank praises the lady's dedication, energy and effectiveness. I welcome the chance to become personally acquainted with Ms. Alexander in the near future.


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