Monday, April 04, 2005

Practical Patriotism: A Timely Answer to the Agony of Oil

For more than 30 years, the distress over our dependence on foreign oil has stayed with us like a sticky goo. During these past 12 months, once again, even greater discomfort from this addiction is felt every time we confront the gas pump. Worse yet, as the Partners for Affordable Energy estimates, in the United States, “…we import more foreign oil today - about 60 percent of the oil used domestically - than we did in the 1970s when the Arab Oil Embargo shocked our economy into a tailspin”.

The costs of dependency on foreign oil are numerous. The extra dollars that most of us shell out each week may be a drag on our finances, but that hardship pales in comparison to more serious matters. How secure are we in the USA, when the sources of supply are so tenuous, based upon factors largely beyond our control?

Many credibly argue that oil issues juxtapose with the 'geopolitical' turmoil that exists today. Besides the unproductive diversion of our attention, threats of and actual conflicts are draining our national wealth. Of even greater distress are the highest prices being paid by thousands in this country, those who have lost their limbs if not their lives, as well as those who are now living with loved ones lost.

What are our options? How much better would you feel, and how much better off would the United States be, if we actually could cut our use of oil, say by 15 percent? That would translate to a need for one fourth less petroleum from overseas sources. Projecting from data provided by the federal government’s Energy Information Administration for the year 2002, if that were the case, there would no longer be a need for imports from any Arab OPEC country, nor from the United Kingdom, or the nation of Norway. Would that make your day, so to speak? What would that do for our country's foreign policy, not to mention our national psyche?

What if there was something that you could do to help make this ostensibly impossible dream happen, not next week, next month or next year, but today? What's more, what if you would find yourself rewarded for your action, not at some time far off in the future, but in the very near term?

Progress towards the goal of reducing our dependence on foreign oil by 25% could be accomplished by encouraging every consumer of gasoline and diesel fuel to take advantage of EnviroMaxPlus (EMP), a revolutionary and easy to use fuel catalyst that has been made available to the mass market within the last year. It is offered exclusively by a forward thinking company, Extreme Research Corporation.

Typically, EMP will return more in savings on gasoline expenses than the cost of the product, especially at today’s high prices. This amazing product, one of only a few among the literally thousands of fuel additives to be granted a patent, reduces pollution through your engine’s exhaust by up to 80 percent. And the benefits don’t stop there. A full presentation about EMP can be viewed by clicking here.

There are several ways to become involved. You can simply decide to purchase EMP as a customer and begin to save your own money immediately. If you would like to participate on a more extensive level, and to pursue a generous income opportunity, different options are available, depending upon your particular situation. You can actually enroll at no cost whatsoever, or you can select from various other alternatives, all of which are easily affordable.

EnviroMaxPlus is the right product for the right time. It's brought to you by a company with the right business model, one incorporating a strategy that opens economic doors for folks like you and me, whether on a minor or on an immense scale. It's not often that we get the chance to improve circumstances in our society, accompanied by the chance to profit personally. EnviroMaxPlus presents one of those rare occasions. Don't let this one pass you by. Otherwise, if your own raw self-interest isn't sufficiently motivating for you, I respectfully suggest that you do it for your country.

For more on the topic of energy, the environment and EnviroMaxPlus, please see my previous articles, Saving Energy, Saving Lives and Gas & Oil: A View of the Future. Also, every Tuesday, please check back here for my unique approach to reporting and evaluating current gasoline prices.


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